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Renee's mission is to inspire people to connect to their higher spiritual self and discover their own unique flow in life. Her intention is to help people align with their inner passions and purpose so they can create a lifestyle that is full of radiant energy, profound happiness, and vibrant health. To empower people to reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.


Renee offers one-on-one coaching that is a transformational process that inspires and supports clients in evolving their consciousness and connecting to their soul purpose.

Renee is a wonderful coach! I love her ability to spontaneously guide me through effective meditations during our sessions to access deeper levels of awareness. And she is a bad*ss dancer ready to move and groove in a way that inspires me. Keep moving forward!
— Evan Gonzalez, Santa Cruz, California

Through movement meditation, we let go of what is no longer serving our highest self so that we may lovingly discover our divine, unique, wild, and creative flow.


Higher Flow Goddess Ceremony

Higher Flow Goddess Ceremonies empower women to step into their badass, sexy goddess self.

Sessions may include cacao medicine, meditation, breathwork, intention setting, manifestation, a variety of dance & movement practices, costume, tribal paint, howling, screaming , crying ,laughing, tarot reading, coaching, prayer, journaling, and the use of high vibrational music, crystals, and smudging tools. Our world is calling on the divine feminine to wake up to our highest potential. This is for the women who are ready to claim their beautiful power and to co create a magical experience together.


Aerial fabric and hoop, acro-yoga, hip-hop, break dancing, twerk, go-go and yoga infused dance.
Performance art is a passion that Renee holds sacred. Her background as a rock climbing guide, yoga teacher, and lover of embodied movement has built her foundation of confidence, strength, and grace.


Upcoming Classes, Events & Performances


new moon gathering
lake tahoe,CA

September 28

Join us for an intentional, uplifting, & beautiful Super New Moon gathering; celebrating life and planting new seeds of growth.

Aerial silks
planet earth

Available for privates and groups

Starting with the fundamentals, you will learn sling/knot work, foot locks, and climbs. As the newcomer progresses she/he will learn simple poses and tricks, eventually putting these building blocks together into a beautiful and fluid movement of expression.

The activated heart

sierraville hotsrpings

November 15, 7-9pm

A journey of movement and NeoTantra practices to awaken our full potential to ecstatic love.


Through the integration of knowledge and experience into our everyday life we acquire deeper understanding and wisdom.  There are so many tools available for us as humans to grow and evolve personally and collectively. Energy flows where attention goes.  I invite you to check out the resources and recommendations that have helped me most on my path so that you may develop into your highest potential.


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Redefining Reality Podcast featuring Renee Guay

The Redefining Reality Podcast with Bryan Hardy features the beautiful, wise, and passionate Renee Guay of Higher Flow. We cover her journey through rock climbing and fixing her own health and hormonal imbalances and how that's brought her into what she does now as an aerialist, performance artist, dancer, Bulletproof certified coach and all around badass nature-loving human. Get inspired to tap into your Higher Flow through whatever moves you and awakens your senses!


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Connect to your higher self and discover your own unique flow. Contact Renee for a 20 minute  complimentary discovery session. Sessions are one hour via the telephone, Skype, or in person.


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