Feeling the love

What our clients are saying about us.

Renee truly is an inspiration in so many ways! After listening to her recent interview with Bryan Hardy on his Redefining Reality podcast I was left in tears as I was so inspired by her story. She has created an amazing concept with Higher Flow in which we are lucky to have her share her many talents with us in so many creative ways. You can see that she is truly following her bliss and only hopes that everyone that she works with also will follow their bliss with her encouragement and support. I am so grateful to have this beautiful teacher in my life to remind me that my inner power is always there even when I am feeling stuck. Her coaching sessions always leave me feeling powerful and motivated to accomplish my life goals no matter how small or big they might feel. She is an amazing listener and always offers insightful techniques for guiding me along my life’s path in a positive and productive way. Thank you Renee for being such an inspiration and supporting me on this journey in such an uplifting way!!
— Tiffany Reams, Olympic Valley, California
I have had the pleasure of being coached by this insightful and empathetic woman. She is so completely present during sessions and has a beautiful way of seeing connections and asking that frustrating question to which you don’t yet have the answer! I made a lot of real progress working with Renee and I am sure I will work with her in the future to help me sort things out. She is a treasure!
— Blue Reid, Roseville, California
Renee is definitely very helpful in helping me achieve my goals. She’s a wealth of information and if she doesn’t know the answer, she definitely takes the time to understand and find resources to help me on my continual path of never ending goals. She’s great at holding me accountable in moving forward without being judgmental. She’s very supportive and always an amazing person that’s always been inspiring. Very thankful to have Renee be on my best self growth team! Thank you Renee, you’re the best!
— Heidi Huber, Reno, Nevada
Renee is a truly attuned human being and life coach with incredible listening skills and a huge empathetic heart. She truly lives and breathes what she preaches and has connected with her own life purpose by helping others to achieve a state of flow and ease in their own life. She is intelligent, confident and radiates wisdom through her work. I myself am a yoga teacher, meditation practitioner and someone who actively attempts to live in a state of flow regularly but like the best of us, can get caught in my own self limiting beliefs or be held back by past trauma. Renee gracefully engages her clients in deep and present conversations that illuminate those barriers that block their divine flow of energy. Not only does she listen and point out the obstacles, but she also encourages action and holds her clients accountable for the changes they need to make. She meets people where they are without judgement or guilt and helps to clear the path forward so her clients can reach their full potential and their “higher flow”. I feel like I was meant to meet her and I certainly feel more aware, more proactive and more excited about the work that lies ahead instead of dreading the work necessary to become my best self. I highly recommend this coach to anyone looking to make positive shifts in their life and live a more full, joyous life!!!
— Danny Ingram, New York, New York
Renee! You’re amazing! Thank you for the thoughtful insight and guidance you have repeatedly provided. I’m fortunate to have you in my life.
— Taylor Cranney, Truckee, California
Thank you for choosing to do what you do, and help people the way you are. Leading by example and supporting others in transformational personal change so they can live life to the fullest, and unleash their genius talents and creativity to fuel even more beautiful value in society.
— Caleb Jennings, Vancouver, British Columbia