Transformational Lifestyle Coaching with Renee Guay


Renee offers one-on-one coaching that is a transformational process that inspires and supports clients in evolving their consciousness and connecting to their soul purpose.


Transformational Lifestyle Coaching.

Renee’s mission is to inspire and empower people to reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. During the coaching session, she leads client's in a very present and meaningful conversation that is full of depth and embodiment. This allows the client to discover their values and purpose so they can create a life that is full of presence, mindful living, radiant energy, profound happiness, and vibrant health. She's passionate about working with people who want to make significant changes to grow and evolve who need some extra motivation, resources, and accountability. Whether they want to lose weight, become healthy, elevate their cognitive performance, gain emotional intelligence, connect to their higher intuitive self, create loving relationships, learn stress management tools, increase productivity, create a meaningful career, connect to the natural world, create daily rituals, or find their inner passions; her intention is to support people on their journey of creating the ultimate lifestyle that allows them to live in their unique higher flow.

The Coaching Process.

Renee is passionate about helping people become the best version of themselves. Her process begins with gracefully engaging clients in deep and present conversations.

When two people come together and have a meaningful conversation full of presence and embodiment; unlimited possibilities are available to us and our intuition is heightened. We are connected to our higher self as we work through negative patterns of thinking and feeling. You are the expert on you.

Renee offers intuitive reflections and resources so that you may gain insights to accelerate your personal growth and evolution. Spontaneous insights arise from this deep embodied awareness and we consciously create an action plan that's in alignment with your values so that you can make real positive changes in your life. Together, we establish accountability that will keep you on track and motivated throughout this process. You choose your value aligned goals, we track your results. 

Benefits of Coaching.

  • Vibrant health and wellbeing
  • Goal clarification with aligned values
  • Increased energy
  • Stress management and relief
  • Harmony in relationships
  • Internal happiness and freedom
  • Confidence and passion
  • Mental clarity, focus, and productivity
  • Connection to soul purpose
  • Effective action plan and supportive accountability
  • Love and compassion for self and others

Book a session with Renee.
Connect to your higher self and discover your own unique flow.

Contact Renee for a 20 minute  complimentary discovery session. Sessions are one hour via the phone, Skype, or in person.


Holistic Approach for a Higher Flow Lifestyle

Energized, Active, and Fit.


Nutrition – What you choose to put in your body is the foundation to your overall health and well-being. I encourage client's to practice mindful eating. This includes listening to your body and stopping when full, eating when our bodies tell us to eat, eating with others at set times and places, eating foods that are nutritionally healthy, just focusing on eating when eating, and considering where food comes from.

Sleep – Some say sleep is the smartest drug. When we are sleeping our body goes into healing recovery mode on both a physiological and emotional level. The quality of sleep we receive is more important than the quantity. There are many sleep hacks to improve your sleep that you can incorporate nightly.

Exercise – The body was meant to move every single day. Choosing mindful movement practices that keep you in the present moment with awareness to the sensations in the body. If it's not fun to go to the gym then seek out a way to exercise that uplifts your spirit and engages your mind preferable in nature.

Environment – We live in a toxic environment full of bad air quality, mold, emf's, and chemicals. When we have this awareness we can choose to limit this exposure and use detoxification processes that keep us healthy.

Rest and Relaxation - This is just as essential as your exercise program. The body responds much better when we take the time to recover from activity. 

Self Care – The products we put on our skin go directly into our bloodstream.  Choose wisely; as this may be even more important than the food we eat.  Many hygiene and beauty products are filled with toxic chemicals that harm the body. Fortunately there are conscious companies that make wonderful products using the natural elements from the earth. 


Mind and Energy.
Clear, Focused, and Flexible.

Our mind is such a powerful tool that allows us to think fast and creatively. When we are overburdened with stress; our brain doesn’t work at it’s best.  There are many stress management techniques that bring us to a relaxed state of being; increasing our cognitive performance.

Breathwork – The breath is our lifeforce and what keeps us alive. We can change the way we breathe to bring more peace and energized focus into our life.

Mindfulness Meditation – Being in the present moment while bringing awareness to the breath, sensations in the body, thoughts, and emotions without judgment of whether it's right/wrong or good/bad, allowing things to be as they are while continuously cultivating self-compassion and deeper wisdom. Mindfulness has its origin in ancient meditation practices in Buddhist traditions over 2500 years ago. The modern movement of mindfulness is backed by scientific research and some doctors have even started prescribing it to their patients. The benefits include the reduction of stress, depression, and anxiety while increasing happiness and well-being. It has the ability to improve relationships, health, and all systems of the body and helps us cope with pain/illness, emotions, and life situations.

Yoga – “Yoga is a dance with consciousness” Russell Simmons.  As we connect the mind and body through intentional movement; we bring a sense of calmness and balance throughout our being.


Emotional Intelligence.
Happy, Resilient, and Fulfilled.

Emotions are energy in motion.  They are constantly changing and it’s our bodies way of communicating to us.  Our emotions have the power to influence our happiness and fuel overthinking.  Emotional Intelligence is learning how to welcome and work with all of our emotions in a healthy way.  When we accept our reality rather than fight it, we bring ourselves into a state of presence which has the potential to dissolve our discomforts. Intentionally cultivating positive emotions expands our awareness, energizes us, and helps us realize our full potential.

Intention and Gratitude – Energy flows where attention goes. Become clear on what's most important to you so that you start putting energy towards those things. It's easy to take things in life for granted. Having gratitude helps us to see the bigger picture and brings us internal happiness.

Loving kindness Meditation – cultivate that warm and tender feeling you already have for a loved one and really learn to self generate that emotion and direct it towards yourself, a neutral person, someone you have difficulty with, and out to the entire world.

Present, Engaged, and Loving.

The relationship you have with yourself is the most important. The more we cultivate kindness, compassion, and love for ourselves; the more we radiate that expression towards others which in return gravitates back towards us.

Four practices of a healthy relationship – Attention, Acceptance, Appreciation, and Affection.  

Connection and Community – As human beings, we strive for connection with others.  Our heart’s deepest desire is to love and be loved. We are all mirror reflections for each other and have the potential to grow and evolve when we come into relationship.  Building a strong community gives us the strength and inspiration to create magic within our personal and global lives.

Forgiveness – We all make mistakes; including ourselves. Holding on to grudges too deeply causes mental and physical health issues.  Forgiveness entails letting go of resentment or vengeance toward an offender and making peace with what happened so you can move on with your life; it doesn’t necessarily mean reconciling with that person.

Connection, Purpose, and Values.

The body is the vehicle for our spirit and soul.  Our spirit expresses itself through thinking and our soul expresses through our feelings.  The spirit and soul incarnated in the body to create the opportunity to express our thinking and feeling in action.  I love inspiring and empowering people to grow and evolve their consciousness and connect to their soul’s purpose.

Nature - Being in nature reminds us that we are wild and free.  When connected to nature, we realize that we contain the elements of fire, air, earth, water, and space.  This understanding provides us with a sense of security, passion, connection, freedom, and love. Nature is our teacher.

Transcendental Meditation – Connecting you with your higher spiritual self, source, God, or whatever you want to call it. This meditation is about becoming enlightened and self realized. The meditation is easy; you organizing your life to make it a priority is the challenge for some. Lot's of meditations stay at the conscious level. This goes from the conscious to the subconscious to the super conscious (transcended, pure consciousness, source). Each one of us embodies pure love, wisdom, and power. But many of us are not living it because we are not connecting with what we are (the true higher spiritual self) We are all individualized expressions of source, the divine, God.

Expressive Movement Meditation Expressive movement meditation is a way to express your soul through intentional movement in your body.  It doesn’t matter what you look like but rather how you feel. Dance is one of the oldest forms of medicine.  Shamanic, indigenous, and religious traditions all over the world come together in ceremony to alter their state of consciousness to heal the mind, body, and spirit.  It is a way to release negative energy from destructive patterns of thinking and feeling. We live in a society where we suppress our feelings rather than express them in a healthy way.  When we move our awareness from our thinking mind to our feeling body, we become connected to a deeper part of ourselves. Movement meditation through dance allows us to fully express our authentic self and let go of what is no longer serving our highest potential.

Higher Flow Dance – Awaken to your full potential in this guided transformational journey of expressive movement meditation. Connect to your higher self & nature, discover your own unique flow, and feel the support from others & the earth. A sacred and safe space is created, allowing us to fully let go and manifest our deepest desires. We meditate, breath, dance, and connect intimately to the people around us. Together with intention; we move our bodies consciously to high vibrational electronic music. Feel free to wear clothes that express your wild self. No experience necessary as there are moments of both free flow dance and guided partner exercises. Show up with an open heart and mind; ready to embrace whatever arises in the present moment.


Renee's Top 3 Lifestyle Tips

Daily Morning Ritual.

The first thing you choose to do in the morning sets the foundation for your entire day and your life.  If you are reaching for your phone to check your social media; than you are looking for external sources to validate your happiness.  To find wholeness and true happiness; you must seek within. I had a transformational shift in my life when I decided to create a daily morning ritual that included not turning my phone on for at least an hour upon waking.  The practices change depending on how much time I have and what I need in the moment. These include different styles of meditation, breathwork, yoga, qigong, dance, sex, sound healing, tarot reading, howling/screaming, journaling, gratitude, reading, prayer, and the use of crystals and smudging tools.  Every morning is an opportunity to become clear on what’s most important to focus your attention on for that day and beyond. I love helping people create daily rituals that are in alignment with their long term goals on this planet.

Follow Your Bliss.

When you align your passions with your heart; you manifest what you need.  Many of us grow up believing that having fun and being creative is something we do as a hobby.  What would happen if we decided to live our lives by leading with our hearts? I feel this is our true essence and the path the world is moving towards.  The only person that is getting in our way of reaching our highest potential is ourselves. We have the ability to make a conscious choice to continue with the negative patterns of thinking and feeling or to listen to the passion and love within our hearts. Through guided, embodied practices during coaching and dance facilitation, I help people access their deepest values and make decisions that are in alignment with their hearts.

Mindful Living.

Mindfulness is paying attention to whatever is arising in the present moment without judgment of whether it is good/bad or right/wrong; allowing things to be as they are while cultivating compassion and deeper wisdom.  Becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions, pain, sensations, and experiences in your life allows you to witness from a greater perspective. We come to realize that life isn’t happening to us but it’s happening for us.  Mindfulness Meditation is a wonderful formal practice that has the potential to transform into everyday mindful living. The present moment is a gift and we can bring this form of gratitude into everything we do from mundane activities to the most profound experiences of our lives.  I really enjoy teaching this style of meditation to others because it has greatly reduced my stress levels and increased my overall happiness.