Tahoe Flow Arts


Tahoe Flow Arts Studio is a community flow space, co-operative rather than competitive. We bring compassion and respect to whom we play, dance, and practice yoga with by creating encouragement for each other through our personal life journey of self-expression. We flow together and we inspire one another.

Renee is a proud member of the Tahoe Flow Artists performance group.

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The Great Bingo Revival


The Great Bingo Revival is the captivating 1970’s throwback interactive game show funking up events and venues across the United States. Harkening back to an era of wide bottom pants, groovy dance moves and big glasses, the game was founded and is hosted by the Reverend Rusty Reams, North America’s #1 bingo caller. The show features a multi-genre soundtrack dj’d 100% live and all rooted in classic soul, funk and disco music, the BINGO-GO Dancers, far-out prizes and solid gold BINGO.  

Renee is the original BINGO-GO Dancer!