Expressive Movement Meditation Workshops

Through movement meditation, we let go of what is no longer serving our highest self so that we may lovingly discover our divine, unique, wild, and creative flow.


Higher Flow Goddess Ceremony

Higher Flow Goddess Ceremonies empower women to step into their badass, sexy goddess self.

Sessions may include cacao medicine, meditation, breathwork, intention setting, manifestation, a variety of dance and movement practices, costume, tribal paint, howling, screaming, crying, laughing, tarot reading, coaching, prayer, journaling, and the use of high vibrational music, crystals, and smudging tools.  Our world is calling on the divine feminine to wake up to our highest potential. This is for the women who are ready to claim their beautiful power and to co create a magical experience together.

Thank you for your spirit, your passion, your love, your endless support, and never holding back on the dance floor. You inspire me to be the best version of myself and you are helping so many people.
— Brianna Brownfield, Truckee, California

Benefits IncludE.

  • A deeper connection to your higher self

  • Trust in your intuition

  • Release of old patterns of thinking and feeling

  • Greater clarity of your heart’s deepest desires and soul purpose

  • Confidence in your own body and power

  • Daily rituals to support your growth

  • Healthier habits to feel better and achieve goals

  • A sense of joy, passion, and inner aliveness that radiates outwards

You are a light and ball of fierce loving energy that infects all of us around you in the best possible way! Thank you for opening your heart to me and for helping me to express my love of dance and life.
— Leslie Marsden, Truckee, California

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