Aerial Silks

Aerial silks combines Renee’s love for climbing, yoga, and dance into one. 

This flow art increases your balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and mindset.  Have fun getting fit in a supported environment. Whether you want to step out of your comfort zone and try something new or you have a goal of performing, Renee loves teaching and inspiring others to build the confidence and grace on the earth and in the air.


Aerial silks.

This class is designed to work from the ground up. We start on the earth with meditation and yoga to bring balance to the mind and body. These practices allow us to be safe and intentional when leaving the ground. Then we progress into the air with conditioning, foot locks, simple poses, climbs and terminology. As the student progresses, they learn to flow through sequences while adding their own creative expression.


Dance and Movement

Dance is one of the oldest forms of medicine. Shamanic, indigenous, and religious traditions all over the world come together in ceremony to alter their state of consciousness to heal the mind, body, and spirit. 

It is a way to release negative energy from destructive patterns of thinking and feeling. We live in a society where we suppress our feelings rather than express them in a healthy way.  When we move our awareness from our thinking mind to our feeling body, we become connected to a deeper part of ourselves. Movement meditation through dance allows us to fully express our authentic self and let go of what is no longer serving our highest potential.


higher flow Twerkshop.

Liberate your mind, booty, & soul in this playful expressive movement meditation workshop designed to expand your consciousness and uplift your spirit! Feel empowered to move in a way that feels juicy and authentic to your souls expression. Twerking activates the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras; releasing stuck emotions and awakening our radiant energy. It's time to break out of our limiting patterns of thinking and feeling and step into our highest self that is wild & free! Nasty Nay (Renee) will lead you through a guided movement journey while Djs inspire us with booty bouncin' soundscapes to connect deeper to the Twerk Master within us all.


Higher Flow Dance.

Awaken to your full potential in this guided transformational journey of expressive movement meditation. Connect to your higher self, discover your own unique flow, and feel the support from others. A sacred space is created allowing us to fully let go of anything holding us back from manifesting our deepest desires. This ceremony includes a live DJ, tribal painting, medicinal cacao, sound healing, and a variety of dance & movements practiced solo, with a partner, and in a group.  Feel empowered after this liberating dance experience to express your wild nature and be free in your mind & heart!


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